Undergraduate Programs

Vincent School of Science and Technology

Vincent School of Science and Technology


Science and Technology (BS)

  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology

Globalization leads to inevitable competition between countries regarding scientific development. The scientific development would be difficult if there are no qualified people in this field. The Vincent School of Science and Technology aims to produce graduates with the necessary practical skills and theoretical knowledge to support the nation’s scientific development.

The Vincent School of Science and Technology is one of the pioneers to develop information technology. This tradition helps in creating graduates who are experts in the science and technology field, as well as fluent English speakers.

Program Details:

Computer Science

This program focuses on computer system concerned with information representation, storage and data processing. Students study the symbol manipulating machines with communication between man, machine and the applications of these machines.

Occupations:  Application Programming, System Programming and Software Engineer

Further Study:  Master’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Telecommunication Science and Applied Statistics.


Information Technology

Encompasses all forms of technology used to create, store, exchange, and use information in its various forms (business data, voice, conversations, still images, motion pictures, multimedia presentations and other forms including those not yet  conceived of). It emphasizes applying technology in analysis, design, development, operation, linkage, control and management of information systems. Also, it addresses the human-centered issues related to the successful use of these technologies.

Occupations:  Work concerned with information system in business or government unit, system analysis, system design, EDP, Manager, and information technology consultant.

Further Study:  Master’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Telecommunication Science and Applied Statistic or in Business or Management.

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Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science

Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science

Nursing Science (B.N.S.)

The ABAC School of Nursing Science trains students to provide comprehensive health services including Health Promotion, Prevention, Care and Rehabilitation by combining theoretical courses with practical exercise. In addition, students learn about leadership, management skills, entrepreneurship, advanced information technology in nursing, and languages.

The program provides students with the concepts of professional nursing and the application of related sciences and arts of caring to effectively provide health services for clients throughout their life span.

Occupations: Professional nurses who are eligible for nursing licensure examination locally and abroad. Graduates can enjoy better opportunities in nursing career as registered nurses in both public and renowned private hospitals and high potential in private health-related business, and other professions such as entrepreneur, health managers, flight attendants and nurse educators.

Further Studies: Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Nursing Science, Business Administration and other related Health Science fields in local universities and abroad.



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Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics

Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics

Business Administration (BBA)

  • Marketing
  • Management - Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Management Information Systems
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • International Business Management
  • Real Estate
  • Industrial Management and Logistics
  • Insurance

Economics (B. Econ.)

  • Business Economics

Business Administration (BBA)
As the field of business is rapidly changing, with new theories being applied to boost an organization’s efficiency, a business student must be ready to develop and to adapt to the constant change in this field. Assumption University is the first institution in Thailand to provide courses in English for 35 years, the BBA program has been successful because it has been constantly updating its courses to ensure that its graduates are flexible and ready to adapt to their working environments.

Students at the BBA program have three study plans to choose from:

Plan A: Major Concentration Courses- this study plan is dedicated solely to the single field of study. For example; students of Marketing can choose from three major concentration courses such as Retail Marketing, Strategic Marketing, and Integrated Marketing Communications.

Plan B: Business Concentration Courses- in this study plan, students taking a specific major can “cross” over to study other business courses. For example, students of Marketing can take up courses in Management, Finance and /banking, Business Information Systems, or Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Plan C: Major Elective Courses- Students in this option can choose freely from the courses.

Major Details:


In addition to achieving a focus on an in-depth knowledge of marketing principles viewed from both scientific and artistic perspectives. Marketing students will be groomed in the entire scope and practice of the marketing field, including the theory and art of communications, pricing, product and branding, and supply chain. The Marketing major trains students in the application of the marketing discipline into the real world of business and corporations and prepares them to fulfill the role of future managers in the corporate world.

Occupations: Brand managers, Marketing Managers, Key Account Managers, Sales Managers.

Further Studies: Master of Science degree in Marketing, Master of Business Administration and related fields.

Management - Leadership and Entrepreneurship

This Major provides students with well-rounded business skills since this major integrates core business subjects from management, finance, and marketing.

This major prepares students for two popular future careers: The first career choice is to be an entrepreneur or to manage a family business. The second career option is to be in Human Resources professions. Therefore, this major is good for students who want to work at management level in both local and international firms. Students who are interested in joining this major must possess demonstrable qualitative and analytical skills.


The finance major emphasizes three core areas including financial institutions, corporate finance, and investment. The program provides the students with the theoretical financial principles, analytical tools and practical knowledge for making the sound financial decision in a modern business environment.

Occupations: Graduates can acquire positions in public and private organizations as well as financial and non-financial institutions as financial analysts, credit analysts, investment planners, investment bankers, and brokers.

Further Studies: Graduates can pursue Master’s or Ph.D. degree in business administration, finance, economics and related fields.


Students study principles and theories of accounting including recording business transactions, preparation, and analysis of financial statements.

Occupations: Internal and External Auditor, Cost Accountant, Chief Accountant, Financial Analyst, Financial Controller, Consultants and Tax Advisor.

Further Studies: Master’s degree in accounting and related fields.

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems (MIS) has designed quality courses to meet the interests of students, employees, and communities. Students will be equipped with intellectual and practical tools to become computer literate for the real business world. They will also be exposed to various business subjects to understand the concept and make use of information systems to each of business functions in an organization to facilitate the strategic and operational decision making of managers.

Occupations: System Analyst, Web Designer, programmer, Database Administrator, Software Engineer, IT Project Manager, Technology Coordinator, IT Consultant, etc.

Further Studies: Advanced and/or specialized studies in Computer Information Systems, Information Technology, Technology Management, Computer Engineer, E-commerce, E-business, etc.

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Courses focus on the hospitality and tourism industries and study concepts of Hotel Management and Tourism Management.

Occupations: HTM graduates may choose to work in any kind of hospitality and tourism organizations such as hotels, travel agencies, airlines and other types of businesses, which require customer services professionals.

Further Studies: Master’s degree in Business Administration, Tourism Management, International Hospitality Management, Doctor of Business Administration

International Business Management

Students study basic concepts and principles of International Business Management, including Investment and export-import business.

Occupation: graduates may work in the department of international business, emphasizing import-export activities and other departments such as marketing, finance and management.

Further Studies: Master’s degree in Business Administration in International Business Management.

Real Estate

The program provides a foundation for all aspects of conceiving, investing, financing, appraising, building, and managing of real estate development projects.

Occupations: Graduate career paths include property development, appraisal, property/asset management, real estate investment and finance, project development management, brokerage, and research.

Further Studies: Master of Science or MBA with a concentration in Real Estate, Development, or Valuation.

Industrial Management and Logistics

Industrial Management and Logistics combine the interests of both supply chain and business management. The program specializes in business-oriented expertise. It offers extensive supply chain and business management competencies as well as international marketing skills.

Occupations: Production Planners, Purchasers, Manufacturing Advisors, Logistics Analysts, Supply Chain Analysts, Factory Managers, Distribution Center Managers, Business Consultants, and Entrepreneurs.

Further Studies: Master of Science in Supply chain Management, MBA, Master of Science Industrial Management, and many more.



Students study about various aspects and important principles of insurance business concerning life assurance, accident insurance, health and group insurance.

Occupations: graduates may work at various management positions in life and health insurance companies such as an Underwriter, Claim Analyst, Marketing, Investment, Management team and also Consultant in life insurance industry.

Further Studies: Master of Science in insurance, Master of Science in Actuarial Science, Master in Business Administration, The Chartered of Insurance Institute (CII), The American Institute for CPCU (AICPCU), Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance (ANZII), The Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society, Other insurance diplomas and certificates

Business Economics

The course provides a blend of economic concepts as a theoretical base and business concentration paths to build a practical perspective of real world business phenomena for students in making a sound business decision.

Occupations: Financial and Economic Analysts, Market Researcher and Analysts, portfolio analysts, and positions in government organizations such as Bank of Thailand, NESDB, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Further Study: Graduates can pursue Masters and Doctoral program in business administration, finance, economics, and other related fields.

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Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts

Albert Laurence School of  Communication Arts


Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts

  • Advertising (B.Com.Arts)
  • Public Relations (B.Com.Arts)
  • Live Event Creation and Management (B.Com.Arts)
  • Digital Media Communication (B.Com.Arts)
  • Visual Communication Design (B.F.A.)
  • Computer Generated Imagery (B.F.A.)

In the present information society with various communications technology, it is easy to send and receive information. However, miscommunication can occur. Therefore it is important to have an effective communications system to support an organization’s operations. Students of Albert Laurence School of  Communication Arts are trained to have a broad knowledge base in business aspects and communication procedures. Graduates are qualified to effectively use their creative ideas by using the media to successfully communicate with their respective audiences to promote understanding and unity.

Student Admission and Specialized Entrance Examination Requirements: Albert Laurence School of  Communication Arts has a total of 6 majors that can be divided into two programs of study. Students may choose from the Bachelor of Communication Arts Program (Comprises the Advertising Department, Public Relations Department, Digital Media Communication Department, and Live Event Creation and Management Department), and Bachelor of Fine Arts Program (Comprises Visual Communication Design and Computer Generated Imagery)

Major Details:

Advertising (B.Com.Arts)

For those who like the challenge of Advertising, which comprises of strategic planning, marketing, production, and creative executions, the major offers real situation cases from leading brands in the market. Graduates from the Advertising Department have a rich repertoire of knowledge that allows great flexibility in the selection of a career. Possible employment positions are Advertising Account Executive, Advertising Copywriter, Advertising Media Planner, Advertising Strategic Planner, and Advertising Production Crew.

Public Relations (B.Com.Arts)

The Public Relations major emphasizes the relationship aspect of communications. Students will learn the planning process and application of public relations in the field of marketing to build the corporate image. Employment positions include Public Relations Executive, Media Relations, Government Relations, Customer Relations, Strategic Communication Consultant, Corporate Affairs, Public Affairs, and Image Consultant.

Digital Media Communication (B.Com.Arts)

Students will learn to use the state-of-the-art equipment in the development of communication pieces that utilize the time-based component of storytelling. The learning environment will involve the use of SLR digital camera, digital video camera, non-linear editing station, and sound lab. Graduates of the program will be able to work as producers, film directors, production crew, web and interactive designers.

Live Event Creation and Management (B.Com.Arts)

For students who love the enchantment of drama and performance, the department provides training in the development and creation of all stage appearances. Jobs for graduates from this major include DJ, VJ, as well as production crew such as event and fashion organizer, theater producer, scriptwriter, costume and make-up stylist, stage and event production, event coordinator, and performance designer.

Visual Communication Design (B.F.A.)

Graphic Design emphasizes the development and application of graphics works such as Print Production, Typeface Design, Package Design, Signage System Design, and Display Design.

Advertising Design focuses on the development of visual impact and creativity. Students will study courses such as Idea-Generation Techniques, Advertising Graphics, Copywriting, Production Design, and Advertising Campaign Design.

Photography focuses on the development of higher photography skills and digital photography. Students will learn from courses such as Applied Photography, Editorial Photography, Fashion Photography, Advertising Photography, and Digital Photography.

Computer Generated Imagery (B.F.A.)

CGI’s Students are trained to have a broad knowledge base on the art and design aspects of CGI and how to communicate via images sequences. Graduates are qualified to effectively use their creative ideas in animation and visual effects as applied to film and animation production. During 4 years of study, students will be trained to use advanced technologies, to be prepared to meet industry standards of digital film production, such as: the digital SLR camera, digital camcorder, Audio Recorder Studio, 3D Software, and the Compositing and Editing Workstation. Graduates will learn to work seamlessly in a wide range of fields including: on film production, in an animation studio, in the broadcast industry or work in positions such as Character Design, Motion Graphics Design, 3D Modeler, Animator, Compositor, Production Director, VFX Director, Film Director, etc.

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ABAC School of Law

Laws (LL.B.)

The ABAC School of Law seeks to provide legal experts in the field of private business and government sector. By using Thai and English as the medium of instruction and having distinguished persons in the field of law as instructors, Graduates of School of Law can provide legal expertise to national and multinational companies in Thailand. Students’ learning is supplemented by extracurricular activities such as internship at law firm, providing legal advice to people in the provinces and legal debates.

Study areas include basic legal principles and specific laws such as Criminal law, Civil and Commercial law, Procedural law, Public law, and International Law including legal theories.
Occupations: Judge, Public Prosecutor, Legal Consultant, Lawyer in Public and Private sectors.

Further studies: Post-graduate studies in Law program both in domestic and international institutes, training in the Bar Association, and taking courses in the Master of Social Science Program.



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