Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts

Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts

Albert Laurence School of  Communication Arts


Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts

  • Advertising (B.Com.Arts)
  • Public Relations (B.Com.Arts)
  • Live Event Creation and Management (B.Com.Arts)
  • Digital Media Communication (B.Com.Arts)
  • Visual Communication Design (B.F.A.)
  • Computer Generated Imagery (B.F.A.)

In the present information society with various communications technology, it is easy to send and receive information. However, miscommunication can occur. Therefore it is important to have an effective communications system to support an organization’s operations. Students of Albert Laurence School of  Communication Arts are trained to have a broad knowledge base in business aspects and communication procedures. Graduates are qualified to effectively use their creative ideas by using the media to successfully communicate with their respective audiences to promote understanding and unity.

Student Admission and Specialized Entrance Examination Requirements: Albert Laurence School of  Communication Arts has a total of 6 majors that can be divided into two programs of study. Students may choose from the Bachelor of Communication Arts Program (Comprises the Advertising Department, Public Relations Department, Digital Media Communication Department, and Live Event Creation and Management Department), and Bachelor of Fine Arts Program (Comprises Visual Communication Design and Computer Generated Imagery)

Major Details:

Advertising (B.Com.Arts)

For those who like the challenge of Advertising, which comprises of strategic planning, marketing, production, and creative executions, the major offers real situation cases from leading brands in the market. Graduates from the Advertising Department have a rich repertoire of knowledge that allows great flexibility in the selection of a career. Possible employment positions are Advertising Account Executive, Advertising Copywriter, Advertising Media Planner, Advertising Strategic Planner, and Advertising Production Crew.

Public Relations (B.Com.Arts)

The Public Relations major emphasizes the relationship aspect of communications. Students will learn the planning process and application of public relations in the field of marketing to build the corporate image. Employment positions include Public Relations Executive, Media Relations, Government Relations, Customer Relations, Strategic Communication Consultant, Corporate Affairs, Public Affairs, and Image Consultant.

Digital Media Communication (B.Com.Arts)

Students will learn to use the state-of-the-art equipment in the development of communication pieces that utilize the time-based component of storytelling. The learning environment will involve the use of SLR digital camera, digital video camera, non-linear editing station, and sound lab. Graduates of the program will be able to work as producers, film directors, production crew, web and interactive designers.

Live Event Creation and Management (B.Com.Arts)

For students who love the enchantment of drama and performance, the department provides training in the development and creation of all stage appearances. Jobs for graduates from this major include DJ, VJ, as well as production crew such as event and fashion organizer, theater producer, scriptwriter, costume and make-up stylist, stage and event production, event coordinator, and performance designer.

Visual Communication Design (B.F.A.)

Graphic Design emphasizes the development and application of graphics works such as Print Production, Typeface Design, Package Design, Signage System Design, and Display Design.

Advertising Design focuses on the development of visual impact and creativity. Students will study courses such as Idea-Generation Techniques, Advertising Graphics, Copywriting, Production Design, and Advertising Campaign Design.

Photography focuses on the development of higher photography skills and digital photography. Students will learn from courses such as Applied Photography, Editorial Photography, Fashion Photography, Advertising Photography, and Digital Photography.

Computer Generated Imagery (B.F.A.)

CGI’s Students are trained to have a broad knowledge base on the art and design aspects of CGI and how to communicate via images sequences. Graduates are qualified to effectively use their creative ideas in animation and visual effects as applied to film and animation production. During 4 years of study, students will be trained to use advanced technologies, to be prepared to meet industry standards of digital film production, such as: the digital SLR camera, digital camcorder, Audio Recorder Studio, 3D Software, and the Compositing and Editing Workstation. Graduates will learn to work seamlessly in a wide range of fields including: on film production, in an animation studio, in the broadcast industry or work in positions such as Character Design, Motion Graphics Design, 3D Modeler, Animator, Compositor, Production Director, VFX Director, Film Director, etc.

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