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Music has always been considered the universal language since times in memorial enabling people of diverse nationalities and cultures to communicate and understand each other.  Music is even more relevant today, in a time when different ideologies between groups of people sometimes lead to disagreement and conflicts.  It also helps to relieve people’s minds from daily demanding tasks.  As well, music is known to promote intellectual and emotional development.

With such wonderful qualities, music of different forms has emerged, making the music industry one of the fastest growing in the global market.  Music, other than being a core product of the music industry, has become an essentially integral component of many industries such as movie, hotel, advertising, and even non-profit organizations.

Assumption University, with its strong and incessant determination to contribute its efforts to education and transformation of men and women, and simultaneously fulfill the demand of people in music industry, has committed itself to producing qualified graduates with knowledge in music business and skills in music performance, a harmonious combination that would ensure them become competitive in a ferociously uncompromising music industry.

Students wishing to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the ABAC School of Music are provided with an invaluable opportunity to learn various necessary concepts and acquired skills related to their areas of interest with highly qualified and experienced instructors from various countries renowned for music business concepts, as well as musical theories and performance, namely; United States, Russia, Italy, Bulgaria, Brazil,  Japan, Korea, and Thailand, and through meticulously developed programs of 142 credits, with 34 credits allocated to general study, 6 credits for free elective, and 102 credits for the chosen discipline, namely Music Business and Music Performance.  In the Music Performance discipline, students are provided with two alternative major concentrations to serve their interest - Classical and Jazz performance with various choices of musical instruments.

Furthermore, in order to enhance their competencies and competitiveness in musical and entertainment industries, the program also allows students to study a well-selected group of subjects in other concentrations offered within the School of Music as their minor concentration.

Program Details

Music Business

The Bachelor of Arts in Music Business, offered by Assumption University’s School of Music, is the only program of its kind in the country, where students are provided with a professional degree in music that focuses on selected aspects of the arts and entertainment industries.  Regular music studies and lessons in various musical instruments, namely; guitar, percussion, piano, strings, brass, or woodwinds, and vocal techniques are supplemented with music business classes and courses in the students’ individual area of professional interest.  In this way, the curriculum provides students with detailed knowledge necessary to be successful players and entrepreneurs in this multifaceted industry.

After their graduation, students wishing to further their studies may earn a Master of Music Business degree or a graduate degree in several other closely related fields.   The degree is ideal for students wishing to work in administrative positions or for those wishing to manage their own careers in this challenging and exciting field of unlimited opportunity.

Music Performance

The Bachelor’s degree in Music in Music Performance offered by the School of Music is uniquely and innovatively developed for those students with a keen interest in mastering their skills for a specific musical instrument, and eventually turning themselves into highly skilled and talented professional musicians to serve music and entertainment industries, as well as other businesses demanding music as their essential component.  

The Department of Music Performance offers expert instruction in applied piano, guitar, bass, drums, voice, woodwind, brass, composition, and song writing, supplemented with individual lessons, where students have an opportunity to learn musical theories, as well as acquire skills and techniques in playing musical instruments of their interest on an individual basis.   

The Department of Music Performance offers two major concentrations to suit the interests of students, namely Classical and Jazz.  Students choosing any of these major concentrations also have a unique opportunity to study a group of specified subjects in another concentration, including composition, and song writing as their minor to further enhance their knowledge and skills in music, thereby increasing their job opportunities.

Career Opportunity & Further Study:

Career Opportunity:

A graduate from the ABAC School of Music will be well qualified to pursue and progress in any of the following careers:

  • Artist/Musician
  • Business owner in music and entertainment-music related industries.
  • Production Company
  • Recording Company
  • Marketing Company for recording
  • Freelance producing jingles, songs etc for TV / Radio Commercial
  • Music Instructor

Further Study:

A graduate from the ABAC School of Music, with strong theoretical background and mastery of music skills acquired through the teaching and learning in English, are well qualified to pursue further studies in renowned universities in many music-related Master’s degree programs, such as:

  • Advanced Studies in Performance
  • Master of Music in Composition
  • Master of Music in Conduction
  • Master of Music Education (M.M.Edu)
  • Master of Music in Music Education
  • Master of Music in Jazz Study
  • Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A)

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